My four beds

Through my grown life I am so far only on my fourth bed. Comfortable beds are important. I’ve always had quite large beds, except for now.


Number one. Bed in 1975

This was the first one. Transported from my fathers flat when I moved back to Sweden in 1974 after a couple of years in Israel and got my own flat. It was 110 cm wide if I remember correctly. Nothing fancy. Just a mattress on a wooden basis.

Looking at things around the bed, the only thing that still exists is the tin candelabra at the lefthand bedside table. And the palestinian shawl on the wall which is somewhere in a drawer.


Number two. Bed in 1978

In 1978 (?) I bought a new bed. 180 cm wide, 2×90 cm mattresses. Bed in massive pine. It was a good bed. Very stable. At first it had foam-mattresses that were placed on pine-boards at the bottom of the bed. Later, after we moved to the row house, we exchanged those for real good spring mattresses.

The brass lamp still exists and the drawings on the wall to the left. The bedcover too. The rest is gone.

Number two.

Number two.

The pine bed went with me when I moved to Vårby Gård after J. and I separated. The pillowcases in this picture still exist. And the curtains and the black and white wall hanging. The rest is gone.


Number three.

I eventually tired of the pine bed and exchanged it for a 180 cm wide MALM bed from Ikea in oak veneer. Plus two bedside tables in the same series. Everything in this picture from 2007 still exist except the bed and the upper mattresses. I exchanged the two of them for one large one as I now had the entire bed for myself and didn’t want to get stuck between two mattresses….


Number three.

Still the same bed in 2008. Another bed-spread and other pillow-cases but the rest is the same.

On November 1st 2009 I moved to my present flat. Bed came with me. Turned out the bedroom in my present flat was much smaller than the previous ones.

After about a year, with a bed that was too big for the room, I came to the conclusion that I had to get a smaller bed. Reluctantly, as I really like having a big bed. But it was difficult to make up the bed with the 180 cm wide one. There was too little space around it. I choose between getting 160 cm, or 140 cm or 120 cm. In the end I bought a 120 cm wide bed. I sold the MALM bed and the almost new upper mattress, but took the old spring mattresses to the dump as they were really on their last leg. It was easy to sell the bed and the upper mattress.


Number four. Picture from January 2014.

Number four is a spring bed on ugly metall legs and 120 cm wide (had the wooden legs in the beginning, but they kept falling off, so returned them and changed to metal ones instead). Upper mattress  is one of those that adapts to your body when you lay on it. I regret buying that one. It is too soft and too warm. Have been seriously thinking of getting another upper mattress. Problem is they are expensive.

Need to do something about the green walls one of these days. I have never liked green. We will see what it will be in the end. Most of my previous bedrooms have had light blue walls. I might still choose blue, but not light blue. Considering a darker blue. Or grey.

Maybe another bed too… a bit wider. I still miss my 180 cm wide bed. 120 cm is too narrow in my opinion. Even for one person. Always feel like I will fall off the bed when turning around in it. 20 cm more wouldn’t make such a big difference in the room. Maybe even 160 cm wide…? That is 40 cm more than now. I would still not be able to have bedside tables. There isn’t space for those with the 120 cm bed either.

The bedside tables still exist though. Now serving as a tall drawer, standing one on top of the other. That works too.


Number four.


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