My first digital camera

fuji finepix 6800 zoom

This was my very first digital camera. A Fuji FinePix 6800 zoom. Designed by Porsche.  I still think it is beautiful. And pleasant to touch. I waited quite some time before abandoning my old, trusty Pentax Super A for a digital camera. Bought the Pentax Super A in 1985 just before Janne and I went to the Former Soviet Union and travelled the Trans Siberian railway – I then needed a camera with both manual and automatic controls for fast shooting in conditions where you were not supposed to shoot at all….

The first years the digital cameras were around the resolution was just really bad in digital cameras (we had one from Apple at work which was really lousy). But when the Fuji FinePix 600 zoom came out, I bought it.

It was expensive. But I loved it. And it took really good pictures (though was very slow). I almost lost it on the greek island of Skiathos in 2002. It fell out of my backpack on a hike where we climbed a hill. Luckily, I found it, when backtracking where we had been.

On the greek island of Naxos in 2007 I thought it would be gone for ever. I tripped on some stonesteps and the camera fell on to the stones. And died. I thought. But it wasn’t dead after all. When recharged and battery in and out it came to life again. That year it started being problematic though (often sudden death at not so good moments) so just the day before I left for Paros and Naxos I bought my 2nd digital camera. As I didn’t have time to investigate models it happened to become an Olympus My700 all weather camera.

olympus my700

I never liked that Olympus, except for the very small size (the reviews of it were good though). Takes good pictures if the light conditions are good. Extremely difficult to take pictures with in sunny weather as it doesn’t have a see-through lens, only the backside display. Often feels like taking pictures blindly.

Later bought a Canon G9 – which I really, really loved. I dropped it to the floor once and the display got damaged. Had it repaired and it was back in business again. In spring 2013 it started having problems with the zoom. You could only zoom out fully once. Then it stuck. And you had to restart the camera to get zooming back again. Not fun if you were aiming on a bird you didn’t want to disturb by getting closer… So I started looking for a replacement.

canon g9

Nowadays (since July 2013) I use a Canon G15.  Which I really, really love too. A camera for me needs to be small and possible to put in your pocket. Still, needs to be able to do all kinds of setting in it and have all kinds of controls.

canon g15

Still have the old cameras laying around collecting dust. Like my old Pentax Super A which I still think is very good. The only one missing is an even older Pentax which I gave to Armand once he was visiting here as he didn’t have a camera. He later lost that at some airport…

But once having started shooting digital there is no way back to non-digital. So they all collect dust. As do all my lenses and other stuff belonging to them. Wonder if there is a second hand market for them…

pentax super a

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