I’ve been busy…


Tried to capture the list of all the Adobe applications installed on my iMac… Almost made it. My 24″ screen couldn’t cover them all… but you get the idea…

Most of the day before yesterday was occupied by installing the latest of all Adobe applications which were released then. For a long while I had problems with the Adobe Creative Cloud application which didn’t want to cooperate. But I solved that in the end and all is well again. I also had to remove all versions CS5 and CS5.5 applications to get enough space on my harddisk first. That also meant that I finally uninstalled Adobe GoLive which served me well for many years. Do I use all of the above? No, not really, but most of them on and off. My main applications are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge, Dreamweaver in no particular order. Bridge and Photoshop I use daily.

Now most of the new versions are in on my iMac. Remains to do the MacBookPro. The iPhone and the iPad have both got the new apps from Adobe.

The CC 2014 versions are what is new. Not an update to the CC versions, but new versions with great new features.

 Check out the new features in the new versions here.

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