Into the Wilderness

wilderness, weeds

This is the area behind the row houses in my housing cooperative that we call “The Wilderness”. It is impossible to enter there without high rubberboots, longarmed jacket and long trousers as the entire area is owergrown by various weeds like stinging nettles, lupins, mugwort and other weeds.

There are even some appletrees in there. The apples don’t look good for eating though. This is on the edge of the wilderness. Here the cut grass ends.

This is the other end of the wilderness, where those living here have actually cleaned away the weeds until where the next plot starts. Could be a nice place. Presently it is only good for the roe deer who love it. And the weeds spread into the row house gardens. Who also have to look out at it.

Should we convert this into a park? Some of us wants that. Some don’t (reasoning we then also have to take care of it). I am one of those who wants to clean up the area and do something useful of it. It could be a very nice commons. Grass, a path, some benches, some light, some grown-up outdoor gym… Just dreaming. I’d rather have that than a very expensive fiber-net installation.

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