Instead of a bedside table

Instead of a bedside table – which I have no space for – I’ve tested various alternative solutions.


Bedroom, december 2013. Photo:©nini.tjader.2013

For a while there I used a short picture-list for some of the bedside stuff. That didn’t function too well though. And the bookcase in the corner to the left here is too far away to reach those things you want to reach from the bed.

Then I’ve used two small shelves, like this:



Works quite OK except for the shelf with the waterbottle. It all the time threatens to escape from the wall because of the way it is attached. Feels quite unsafe… and it never hangs straight. I still have to find a better solution.


Bedroom, april 2014. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

And I don’t like the green wallpaper… Have to do something about those walls. The green-leaf-decoration on the wall is walls-stickers by Ikea. Supposed to be able to remove without a trace… Ha! No way. I’ve tested. It takes the wall-paper with it.


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