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plants, kitchenwindow, kitchen

Plants in one of my kitchenwindows. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2015

The above is one of my kitchen windows. My hanging plants there are getting big.

plants, kitchen, kitchenwindow

Kitchenwindow November 11th 2015. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

On November 11th the other kitchenwindow looked like this. And the amaryllis on the table were all very small them. Since the light in the window had a sudden death and could no longer be lit so I removed it.

plants, kitchen, kitchenwindows

Kitchenwindows 2015-11-11. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The two windows are cornered to each other which give real good light in the kitchen.

oxalis, plants

Oxalis on the kitchentable. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

My oxalis has been moving around from one to the other and is now on the kitchentable. Seems that is the best place for it. For a while there I thought it was dying. Since it moved to the table, a bit into the kitchen from the windows, it came to life again.


On the kitchentable. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Above some of the items kept on the kitchentable.


On the kitchentable. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Some more items on the kitchen table… The radio is partly giving up. It has a rechargeable non-removable batteri, which enabled it to be move from here to elsewhere. It has stopped recharging the batteri and now only functions with the electricity cord put into the wall. No more radio in the bathroom.

kitchentable, oranges

Oranges on the kitchentable. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

On and off there is also a bowl of oranges, or grape-fruit, or clementines on the kitchen table. I have two of those thread bowls. They are excellent for keeping fruit in as they are airy.

pastajars, kitchen

Pasta jars. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

I keep my different kinds of pasta – yes, I eat pasta. love pasta – in various glass jars. Pasta is decorative. The jars are kept in an old Billy bookcase I have in the kitchen for cookery books and other stuff that belongs in the kitchen.


Tea. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

My collection of teas are kept on these small shelves from Ikea (they no longer sell them). Well… not only tea. Bottom shelf to the left is a jar with cocoa, and the red one to the right on the same shelf contains regular coffee (which I almost never use nowadays s I use coffee capsules).

Experiment. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Experiment. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

In one of the kitchen windows I have an experiment. When we cut the bushes outside the house, I kept some of the sticks we cut off. Wanted to try if I can produce new bushes from them. I know it sometimes works. at this time of the year (winter) the sticks are red. I put them in a vase with water that I change regularly. Now, a few weeks later, one of the sticks got leaves… I see no roots on the sticks yet, but…

plants, amaryllis, kitchen

Amaryllis 25th November 2015. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

My amaryllis on the kitchentable are growing. Too fast again… The tallest one has started to show its red flower.

kitchen, ktchenwindow

Star in the kitchenwindow. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

As it is the season for stars in the window one of my kitchen windows got the big, white star that I had in the bedroom window last year. No space for it in the bedroom… The light from it when the daylight is gone is nice. I control that with a timer. We need those lights in this dark season.

star, kitchen, kitchenwindow

Star in the kitchen window. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015



Green Obsessions

Love everything about your kitchen window. magnificent. Is that climbing plant shaped like a heart a philodendron? I love the wild look.

Yes. The big climbing plant is some kind of philodendron. I don’t remember exactly which though. I have had it for a very long time, at least 20 years or so. It has even been cut down and shortened at some point. Leaves fall off occasionally, but it also grows new stems regularly with new leaves on. It seems to like the life in the kitchen. It previously lived in the livingroom but didn’t grow at all there. Since I moved it into the kitchen it has grown a lot. It lives in a large selfwatering pot on the floor with wheels under it. Not that I can move it more than a few centimeters out from the wall as it it attached to the curtain rod over the window.It is now on its way over to the second kitchen window…

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