Ikea GJÖRA – an empty bedframe?

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GJÖRA bedframe from Ikea. Photo: IKEA

IKEA recently announced a new bedframe among several new items for what is coming this spring. The bedframe/bedboard is called GJÖRA and will appear in shops sometime in Februari.

It is a bit different to normal bedframes. The bedframe is “empty”.

What is the point of a bedframe that is just a frame and not containing anything but empty air? If you put it in front of a window, like in the above picture, of course it doesn’t cover the window and the light, which is good (I am otherwise totally against putting beds in front of windows). But what is the point of the frame? To hang things on it? Your clothes? Decorative items? An extra blanket or throw?

bed, bedframe, gjöra

Ikea GÖRA bedframe. Photo: IKEA

I certainly wouldn’t like to have my clothes hanging from the bedframe. Neither on the short side, nor on the tall side. The tall side, by the way, is a bit over-powering and very high.

If the frame is empty, you can as well have a bed without a frame, right? Isn’t the purpose of a bedframe to keep bed-linen in the bed, pillows on the bed and not falling out and to the floor and to protect the wall behind it (if you don’t have enormous bedrooms where the bed can be freestanding on the floor)? If the frame is “empty”, then what?

bed, bedframe, gjöra

Ikea GJÖRA bedframe. Photo: IKEA

One of the press-pictures shows it with a kind of curtain on the tall side. Now we are back to olden times when curtains obscured the bed from its surroundings and its content from the room it was in. Google “beds with curtains” for examples.

Instead of hanging the curtain as in the above picture, if it had a textile covering that was put onto the frame and drawn flat from top to bottom, then I would understand this kind of bedframe. The bed itself and the wood it is made of looks nice enough. But the empty bedframes? No thanks. Neither practical, nor useful, nor nice. I can too easily imagine the mess they would create with all the stuff hanging from them. Or falling down into the bed in the middle of the night disturbing sleep.

Sorry Ikea, but this I don’t like.


I just bought this bed and absolutely love it. It’s beautiful in my space. I love how versatile it is. At the moment I have the tall side at my head with the pretty lace twinkle lights wrapped around it. I didn’t put the connecting bar on the low end (where my feet are), instead I’ll be putting pretty bed knobs on the end. This is a bed you can get creative with and customize or leave it as is and its still very pretty

Hey I was wondering if you ever got to putting knobs on the posts of the bed. If so, what kind of knobs did you use and where did you buy them?

Sorry but I disagree. I am absolutely obsessed with this bed and my only annoyance is that they don’t make it in king.

Swedish beds do never exist in king size. That’s a size that doesn’t exist here. I’ve now seen the bed in real life at Ikea. It is also VERY high. For a short person, you need something to climb on to get into the bed. Or you will have to jump up to get into it… Not good.

How high is this bed?-I’m looking for a high one!

It doesn’t say at IKEA. But I found it higher than usual when I saw it in the store.

I have this bed, and you absolutely do not have to jump to get into it. It’s a little higher than normal bed frames but not THAT high.

It depends how tall, or not, you are…

Mia Lamacchia

Is it sturdy?

It sure looks sturdy. I’ve not used it.

It is very sturdy, so far. When you assemble the bed you may mount the mattress supports high, medium, or low to your taste in height. I like the tall rail at the foot of the bed, so I can block the sun with a blanket if I decide to sleep late. The unfinished birch looks nice, but when it gets beat up I’ll paint it or distress it or do something fun with it. May make a headboard by tying climbing rope around the rail and frame.

This is very helpful with regard to the mattress supports. So, your mattress can actually be at 3 different heights depending on your choice? It does not mention that option in the product details. Thanks!

I think you need to contact your nearest IKEA by phone about this. I know the sides are adjustable for different thicknesses of the mattress – which means ithe mattress comes onto different heights – but not sure about the heights per se.

Hi, and do you need to treat the wood or is it ok to leave it untreated?

You can leave it untreated.

I treated the bed with a special oil Ikea sells, looks nice, it deepens the colour.

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