I love pallets


Pallets, Spiro from MIO. Image from their website.

As I’ve written before: I love pallets. I get very tempted at times to get more pallets… Just because they are nice. And useful. To be clear though – I do not have any space to add another pallet. But you can still look, right? Do I need yet another pallet? No, I don’t.

I’ve had my eyes on those metal pallets, lacquered in happy colors, for a long time. In red. but MIO has always been out of the red ones. Presently you can however order them via the internet and get them within about 2-3 weeks. Price is SEK 595 (approximately USD 84).

Came to think of them yesterday when I visited the website of ilva.se following a tip about a certain pallet from another blogger. Then I found that they too had that pallet in shiny red. Can be ordered via internet. ILVA does not have a shop in the Stockholm area, which is a pity.


ILVA, pallet Hallow, SEK 499. Image from ILVA.se website.

Very similar to the one from MIO except some small differences in the crossing bars under the seat. Hard to say too if the red color is different when compared. And the one at ILVA is cheaper, SEK 499 (approximately USD 70).


MIO, pallet Spiro, SEK 595. Image from MIO.se website.

The pallet that caused me to at all look at both the ILVA and MIO websites was this one below in bamboo which addsimplicity (blog on Swedish) used in some of her pictures in her blogg:


Pallet from ILVA, grey pallet in bamboo, SEK 249. Image from ILva.se website.

Hers is black though. I like it in grey as well. BUT, it cannot be ordered via the ILVA webshop. And they don’t have a shop in the Stockholm area, only in Malmö in the south of Sweden. Love this pallet. If it could have been ordered from their webshop, I would have ordered it and somehow found a place where to put it.

But no pallet this time.

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