Harvest and jam time

You want the recipe for mirabelle jam? I published this here about two years ago.


It is that time of the year again. The trees are full of them this year (last year almost none). The mirabelles. Mirabelles are cousins to plums and taste very similar. They don’t keep if you just pick them and plan to eat them later. They go bad very quickly. So jam is about the only thing I know that you can make from them.


We have a few trees with the red variety in the neighborhood, More with the yellow ones. If you ask me, the red ones are the most delicious. But both are good.


The other day I picked 2,5 kgs. Didn’t do anything with them until the next day as I realized I had to go to IKEA and buy an 5L big pot to be able to make jam from them.


So they rested in the kitchen until next day and new pot bought. By then some of them had gone bad and went into the trash. Still had 2kgs of them though. So, yesterday I made jam. Seven jars of it.


Remains to find a place to store those jars… Ideally that would be the fridge. It is pretty full in the fridge though.

Also remains to pick the yellow ones before they fall off the trees by themselves.


You want the recipe for mirabelle jam? I published this here about two years ago.

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