Got myself a bedframe


My present bed has until recently not had a bedframe, nor a headboard. Just ugly metal legs, hidden by the bedspread. Because the bed is 120 cms wide it has been hard to find a bedframe and/or a headboard for it. I’ve always liked the MALM bed that Ikea has. I had one in oakveneer that was 180 cms wide when I moved here. That was too wide. Took up the entire room and made me crazy every time I made the bed or removed the bedspread (that is twice daily). So I sold that and got this one.

Recently I asked Ikea via their webside why they didn’t have a Malm bed in 120 cms width and suggested that they should make one. There is none to be found on their websites. To my surprise I got a reply that they DO have it in 120 cms width, in white and in brownish-black. They just needed to know which warehouse I would like to buy it from and they could check availability there. Had the reply the next day, 16 white ones in stock at my regular Ikea. Went there as soon as I had time for it, bought the white 120 cms wide bedframe and got it delivered the next day.

With the help of my neighbor got it assembled. Took a couple of hours and some of it was a bit tricky. This is the result. I hope it will not fall apart…


(The zebra patterned bedsheets are old and I’ve had them since long before zebra patterns got really popular).

Have archived the ugly metal legs, and also had to take down one of the small wall shelves as it was in the way of the headboard. The decoration on the wall behind the head-board will be removed when I will paint the walls later on. I also need to find a solution for the bedspread. This does not look good… I am happy with the bedframe with headboard though.


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