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Remember this kind of glasses? People (and the opticians) say they are coming back again. The “pilot”-glasses. I hade the above ones in 1975 (and probably before and after that too). They had green rims. Slightly brown glass. This is how I looked then, with these glasses.

glasses, Nini

Nini Tjäder, August 1975 in Tel Aviv.

Started thinking of new glasses the other day when I took a selfie picture of myself with my present glasses. And remembered I had the old glasses stored somewhere (not sure why I kept them all these years…). Took them out this morning to have a look at them.

Quite a number of old glasses… A fortune in old glasses…

Looking at them side by side, the variation in models isn’t all that big… The biggest ones are the oldest. The green ones above is second  to the right in the top row.


These below are smaller, but some of them look ridiculous on me today. Variation in models is small…


I’ll save about five pairs of them that still look reasonably OK on me, and I can still see something wearing them, even if not all that OK.

I asked one of the opticians in Tumba C today if they re-cycle/re-use old glasses. They say they do. They send them off to South America for reuse! So I’ll bring the worst=oldest ones next time when I go down to Tumba C. They are not broken. I am just unable to wear them.

What am I using today? The ones below.

nini, nini tjäder, nini tjader, glasses

Nini Tjäder, January, 2014

I want something a bit smaller, a bit rounder. Unfortunately glasses are too expensive. I’ll wait a bit and see if I can afford it.

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