Finding a computer desk

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My workcorner and computer desk. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Finding a computer desk for those of us who use a keyboard and a mouse and have a stationary computer with a 24″screen (an iMac), is not easy. Particularly if the size of the desk cannot – because of space available – exceed 100 cms in width.

Above is my workcorner as it looks just now. It is placed in hallway number two on the way to the kitchen. I have no other space for it. The unit with the printer CAN be moved into the nearby kitchen (if I remove a chair that stands just there), but I don’t want it to be wider than that.

Present unit/computer desk is an old Ikea model with wheels and shelf for the keyboard at just the right height for me. It is 80 cms wide. The screen is too heigh up though and I would like it to be at the same height as my keyboard. Chair – which is really comfortable – cannot be raised more than it is.

So I need a table that can be lower than the default 73 cms in height. It needs to be around 66 cms high. Preferably including wheels so it is easy to move around when needed. But wheels is not the most important, the height of the table is.

computer desk

Micke desk from Ikea. Picture from Ikea.

Today’s equivalent from Ikea is the above, Micke. Right size. Wrong heights (for me). No wheels. And no place for a keyboard. It has a drawer… Who came up with that ridiculous idea to have a drawer there? You cannot put a keyboard in a drawer and be able to work with it. And the table itself is too small for both a keyboard, mouse and the computer (unless you sit really close to the screen).

computer desk

Picture from Ikea.

I actually like the above combination – if it wasn’t for the drawers…

computer desk

Picture from Ikea.

I like the above one too – except for the drawers. And the size is too big and it is also too high. But that dark grey color is beautiful.

Most work-desks/computer desks for stationary screens, computers and keyboards and mice, are much bigger than the ones above. All smaller desks seem to be done with drawers nowadays. As if people at home only have pads or portables. Not all of us do. My iPad and my portable (MacBook Pro) are complements to my stationary iMac. That’s is not where I “work” if I can avoid it. I would not want to do image editing in Photoshop on anything but my big iMac for instance.

In the end I will probably buy four legs that can be adjusted in height and a separate tabletop from Ikea. Their smallest tabletops are 100 cms wide. Which means I’ll probably have to move the printer into the kitchen. Not the ultimate placement, but… such is life in a small apartment. Compromises.

I noticed in the new Ikea catalogue (published online in the US) that the table tops can have a colored edge. Would be fun with a red edge… I’ll wait until next week when the new items are released. Then it will also probably take some time until the new items are available in the store.

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