Finally – a new job!

is where I will be working from Monday onwards

The new job at the big daily newspaper is finally mine. I start on Monday October 3rd. it took its time to get finalized, but now it is (though haven’t signed a contract yet, which will also be on Monday). I start with working daytime the first week, then nights as from October 10th for a week plus Sat-Sun (together with one of the guys there). Then off one week. The on again from Monday plus Sat-Sun (together with one of the guys). Then off one week. Then nights every second week flying solo for as long as this shedule is effective. I believe nights will suite me fine – I am a born night-owl when I don’t have to get up in the mornings and have always been. Help-desk job for the editorial staff is what I am to do plus whatever installations and such the day-people leave for the night-people.

I am SO looking forward to it. And to meet the people I worked with between Jan 3rd and June 3rd 2005 again.

It is SUCH a relief to finally be out of the hostage situation I feel I’ve been in for the last couple of years (where my knowledge has been used but not really paid very well for). I’ve stuck that out to still have a foothold in the area of work I’ve been in for the last 18 years and to have access to information about what is going on.

To finally get a real job with a real salary is such a relief and I am VERY happy about it.

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