Choosing a wall color


Finally picked up some color samples brochures and pieces from the local paint shop on my way home from the gym today. Have been intending to do so for quite some time and today I remembered when I passed by. It is impossible to choose a color from the internet as it might be something totally different in real life than on screen. So I start with these brochures. Then I will probably have to buy a test color and apply on a smallish area to see it for real. It is the bedroom walls I intend to paint. I want to finally get rid of those green walls in the bedroom that I don’t like.


I like these two blue colors. Particularly that one to the right, the darkest of them. Nothing is decided yet. A bucket of paint for about 20 square-meter walls costs about SEK 500 and up, depending on the color-mix. Or one layer of paint for that area. So probably will need 2 buckets as you usually need to paint two layers. Need to measure the walls next so I know the size of the area.

To be continued…



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