Winter has arrived


Photo: ©nini 2014

This was yesterday morning. Sunny for a change. Cold.

Winter arrived finally. There was no avoiding it. Some snow, but not much. The only thing that is good with snow is that it makes days a bit lighter. Not much though. Light IS returning a bit for every day.


Photo: ©nini 2014

Patio-chairs look a bit alone in wintertime. Nothing inviting out there.


Photo: ©nini 2014

The afternoons are still dark. There was an almost full moon yesterday (this is at 4:10 PM). And fewer clouds than usual so you could see it.

I’d rather have sun, light, warmth than this… It can be beautiful though.

PS. I’ve finally started to use Instagram. Have had the account for quite some time but only now started to populate it with images. You can find my Instagram-account at

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This dark season…

darkness, green winter

It is so dark, grey, wet… and the grass is green. (More moss than grass though).

This dark season, when you have to have the lights on all day on cloudy days (which is most days) and the sun rises around 8:38 and sets around 15:05… Typical green winter. Not cold. No snow. Very dark.

Notice by the way that the bike is gone from the spot inside the fence where it has been on and off all autumn. The guy that owns it must have collected it as it is still bike-weather.

This dark season is depressing and it is certainly doesn’t motivate you to go outside to take a walk. The daylight hours are still too few.

This is not my kind of season. I want warmth and sunshine.

Even on a sunny day – the previous one was on December 30th 2013 – it looks gloomy…

green winter, storvretsparken, tumba

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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

This is how it looked outside my livingroom window around midnight. Plus all the noise. I unfortunately do not have the best view for this kind of activities without leaving the house. Too many trees and parking-houses are in the way. Nice anyways.

I have no new years resolutions. I never do. Just hoping that will be a good year for my friends and myself, and for some a better year health-wise. Hoping I will have more time as from now for all those projects I had in mind when I retired but still haven’t got around to as I was too busy with the housing-cooperative the last couple of years. As I’ve now resigned from that, the time is my own and I’ll try to use it well. Life is too short not to.

The dark season has come to an end and the light is slowly returning. Looking forward to lighter days.


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A very green winter


Last year at this time there were huge heaps of snow outside this window and on the lawn. Not this year. This is a so called green winter. Not that I mind. I actually prefer green winters. Even though I know that the flowerbeds and such are much better off if they are covered in snow. The snow protects next years bulbs and flowers from frost. There WAS snow a couple of weeks ago. But it only lasted a few days.

krokus, crocus

It is not supposed to look like this. These are my crocus that are supposed to come up in spring… Picture was shot on December 22nd. As was this one of the honeysuckle.

honeysuckle. kaprifol

Not supposed to look like this in December. But the amaryllis is. Have never seen any with such short stems though. First flowers (below) opened up just in time for Xmas. There are more to come.


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Two days before Xmas

adventsstake, fjärde advent

Today, two days before Xmas, it is warm and windy outside, no snow, and on radio and TV it is all about Xmas. Outside is almost sunny.


Have eaten the first “skinkmacka” (sandwich with cooked ham à la Xmas) on “vörtbröd” that I made yesterday.

It was delicious.


The inside of the bread.


Straight from the oven. Yes it is supposed to be brown.

If Armand had still been alive, today would have been his 75th birthday.

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The First Snow Has Fallen



At approximately 10:50 AM today the first snow fell. And a lot of it. Ground got white where the grass grows.



At 11:58 AM the sun was shining and it had stopped snowing.



At 14:20 PM (half an hour before sunset) it was still white outside. And all day they have warned about the storm “Sven” on the radio which is supposed to be approaching and give us more snow over night. Remains to be seen…

By the way: I hate snow. I much prefer “green” winters. Winter and snow is not my kind of climate. I hope it all melts as fast as it can. Last year it didn’t. It stayed from the first snow all the time until the end of April. It was a very long winter last year.



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Baklava and other not so swedish stuff



Suddenly the local Lidl store in Tumba sold baklava. I bought 2 boxes with the above content. After having tasted it I went back and bought two more boxes. They were delicious. Love it.

It wasn’t all that long ago that baklava was hard to come by in Sweden. I learned to love it first in Israel, then in Greece. Just a few years ago you could only get it in MIddle Eastern shops where they on Fridays had some local house-wife bake it and sell it in the local shop. That was the situation when I lived in Vårby Gård. Then they appeared at the lebanese restaurant at the food court in Skärholmen. And now Lidl has them. Progress.

It has to my delight become so much easier to find mediterranean and middle eastern food stuffs nowadays. When I moved back to Sweden (from Israel) in 1974 it was even hard to find aubergine and squash. Not now. They today are found among the regular veggies in any supermarket. That’s good.

Baklava, or kadaifi, or kunafa… all very similar sweet things, name depending on which part around the Mediterranean they come from. Delicious with coffee, or with a glass of red wine (yes they really are). I have a few recipes in Swedish here for making them yourself. (Want me to translate them? Just ask, or use Google translate. My old site there doesn’t work as supposed to so Google Translate might not work directly on the page, but I plan to remake the pages any time soon now).

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The autumn feeling is strong



The autumn feeling is strong this time of the year. So far the autumn has mainly been quite warm and comparably dry (though it rained heavily this morning). The plants are partly gone, partly still there. The pink and white rudbeckias are now a seed-factory…  Still have to spread the seeds to other places outside to get more of them.





Still have some mangold left (still eatable? I normally use it instead of salad/as salad), and the honeysuckle is still blooming at the beginning of November. It always does bloom a second time in the autumn, but this is exceptionally late.

Then there is the Hylotelephium telephium (“kärleksört” in Swedish), which now is as beautiful as it gets. It is always late in blooming, and the bumble bees (who love it) are long gone to sleep over winter (if they sleep… I don’t know what bumble bees do in winter).

kärleksört, hylotelephium telephium,

Hylotelephium telephium

And the hollyhock (Alcea Rosea or “stockros” in Swedish) has baby plants that hopefully will survive the winter and bloom next year. They only do that on the second year from seeds. It is not perennial. The seeds that are now baby plants came from the hollyhocks I had last year. So I don’t really know which color these ones will be. Pink or dark cerise.

hollyhock, alcea rosea, stockros

Hollyhock in November

Soon it will all probably be covered in snow. Unless we get a so called “green winter”. That would be the first then since I moved here. Snow is good cover and protection for the plants over winter, but I’d rather be without it. I hate snow. It is only pretty in picture, not in real life.


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Gone now

pillowcase, embroidery

I embroidered this one above once upon a time in school. Long ago… Remember hating to have to do these embroideries. I never had the patience for embroidery. Always felt like a waste of time. It was compulsory in school though. This is the last to be seen of this pillowcase. The material was really on its last legs (not to mention how dirty it was and how much it smelled…) and I’ve now thrown it out.

Kind of like the design and the colors of this one above though.

There were two of this kind of pillows. The one below is the second one. Also gone now. Only the photos of these two pillowcases remain. And the actual pillows which are downfilled. They made a trip into the washingmachine first, to test if it was at all possible to get them clean and get the smell out of them. They were really dirty. Washing them worked well even though it took several days before they were dry.

pillowcase, embroidery

I sometimes wonder why one keeps these old things from way back and why it is so difficult to throw them out…

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Need of order…


This is how it looks like under my nose presently.

Really need to do something about it. All those notes… all of them with something I need to do something about.

Another day…

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The Perfect Tray

tray, white tray

Photo: Nini Tjäder

For quite some time I’ve been looking for a white tray in melamine plastic to keep all the greasy bottles and such on that I keep by the stove. I almost gave up. This seems not to be the correct time to look for a WHITE tray. The trend at the moment is to have very colorful trays like in the 70:ties . I didn’t like those then and I don’t like those now. You know, orange, green, yellow, cerise… hate it. Or they have large flowers all over them. Flower patterns do not get inside my door no matter what they are on. Or other wild patterns.

In the end I found the tray above at Cervera for SEK 240. Exactly what I was looking for (I would have accepted a round one as well if it had been the right size). Comes from

I can stop looking now. Below is how it looks in its dedicated space.

tray, white tray

Photo: Nini Tjäder

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bumblebee, flower,summer, sky

We have had a fantastic summer weather for quite some time now. Warm. Sunny. Dry. I love it. I don’t know how much being born in a heat spell at the time will affect which kind of weather you come to love later in life. Probably not at all. But I really love when it is warm, sunny and dry. That is my kind of climate.

Rain is now promised for late afternoon, night. It is needed. It is very dry outside.

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After some hesitation, acceptance

cat, gustavA bit suspicious and confused he was when “his” sofa was no longer there. So he stayed on the table for a while. The chaiseloungue is temporarily placed at the same spot as the sofa used to be. It is not going to stay there, looks odd. And, when the light grey cover is on it is almost the same color as the wall and that is not good. I also have to reorganize the pictures on the walls after removing the sofa. But not until I’ve decided how to place the furniture and if and when I get a new sofa.

In the end Gustav the cat decided that the chaiseloungue was good enough for him and fell fast asleep there. All good and accepted.

sleeping cat, gustav



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Will soon go out


Just had to do this.

Just learned how to make screendumps with the iPhone. Was more simple than I thought. Just hold down Home-button (the big round one on the front of your iPhone) at the same time as the turn-off button at top of iPhone. Hear camera-sound and active screen is an image in your photoalbum.

In this case from the app Moves which counts how much you move every day. As you can see I didn’t move at all (or at least my iPhone didn’t) since 19:12 yesterday. Love that app.

Will move soon though. Have to go out to buy foods and such.

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colors, colours

The above are – according to people who write blogs about interior design – the colors to use this spring in decorating. Personally I like stronger colors and am no fan of pastels. Pastels are seen everywhere presently though.

Different colors represent different feelings and creates different atmospheres.

Some colors you get from nature, like these below which are from Dead Sea salt formations.


RTR2UVL2I think they are fantastic.

And then there are the nuances. “Blue” isn’t just “blue”. It is several shades of blue.

blues_600Blue is one of my favorite colors. But not the only one.


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