The Office-Chair, part VIII

The office chair saga is now finally at its end.

Just got a SMS from my bank that after handling my case, they will refund me the money paid for the office chair I ordered but never got delivered because the firm went belly up. SEK2479  will be entered to my card today. Thank you Nordea!

Lessons learned:

1. Check the firm thoroughly before buying and paying (I did that, and still…).

2. Pay internet purchases by credit card. That’s one of the few ways to get your money back in case something goes wrong.

3. Save all communications with the selling firm, both screendumps of purchase and any emails of confirmations etc. and later communications.

This ended well in the end but it was a long process.

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TBT My Old Hoods


Photo: ©nini.tjader

(TBT Throw Back Thursday) I grew up in this quarter, from when I was born and the thirty (30) first years of my life. Then I, like so many others who grew up in this area, moved to the suburbs. Population in these blocks has changed a lot. These were workers blocks. Not so today.


Photo: ©nini.tjader

This was the entrance to the house. I lived on the second floor towards the back of the house. All we saw from our windows was a wall without anything at all on it. The houses behind us, in the next block were higher up on the mountain than our house. To see what the weather was like outside you had to open the window and lean out… Which season we could not see, as there was no greenery at all in our backyards.

brannkyrkagatan, stockholm

Photo: ©nini.tjader

The next block, east of us in the direction of Slussen, looks like this. Cobble stones. Old houses, regarded as picturesque today, but was far from it when I grew up. Today they are modernized, but when I was a kid they had no hot water indoors, only cold, no heating other than a wood-burner, no WC, only outhouses behind the houses. Very primitive. Our house was one of the most modern ones in these blocks.

Those cobblestones… my knees remember them. We ran there daily, me and the boys I played with, and sometimes fell.


Photo: ©nini.tjader

This is the beginning of my street, Brännkyrkagatan. Brännkyrkagatan once was the longest street in Stockholm. But that didn’t last. It was changed in the 60-ties when it was cut off and renamed at certain points.  Very steep ascent. Cobblestones again. For a while they had them covered by asphalt, but they returned it to its initial state and removed the asphalt when it became interesting to keep old areas as they once were. I’ve passed here many times, particularly during my youth as to the right from here there was a passageway beside the railway-bridge that led to the center of town and the Old Town. This was the closest way to where things happened…

(Pictures are from 2004).

Below map of the area


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Things change…



Like my wild poppies in the flowerbed, things change. Now the blog-challenge called Blogg 100, has come to its end. This is post number 100 out of 100 in just as many days in a row. And I made it all the way to the goal. Both in this blog and in my swedish blog. That makes 200 posts…

Of course I will keep on blogging after the challenge is now over, as I’ve done since…. when?  I started 2001. Then in a sub-area to my own website, which came alive on September 11th, 2001. Exactly that day…it just happened that way. After one post in 2001 I paused until 2004, wrote some in 2005. 2006 I wrote nothing. Then I wrote some posts in 2007 and 2008. 2009 was a lost year again. 2010 I was back again. And I have been back ever since. My swedish blog started in 2011.

But one post a day? Only during this blog-challenge.

I will not be writing a post a day from now on, but probably more frequently than before the Blogg 100 challenge. Sometimes it might even be more than one post a day, but that would be an exception.

I hope you will still pop in and read. It would also be nice with some comments now and then… ;).

My poppies in the flowerbed were changed by nature, not by manipulation with Photoshop or so. The poppies have spread and in doing so wandered to another flowerbed. There they suddenly became red instead of orange. I like it. I guess it has to do with the quality of the soil influencing on the color of the flower. This flowerbed is also the one with most sun.



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These light nights

Just went out to check that the grill had gone out. It had. And to see how much the camera sees in the light nights of this season. It sees much more than the eye sees, depending on how much light from other sources there are. Fascinating.

night_1 night_2 night_3 night_4 night_5 night

All is well out there. Quiet. Warm. The birds are asleep by now and the sun charged lamps are on. Another warm and sunny day has come to its end.



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Sunny and very warm


This picture could sum up today.

+20C already at 8.00 AM when I went to the gym. Then it only got warmer. Did I sit in the sunchair then? No. I baked some bread, ran one washing machine, moved the grass (much needed after all this time with the wall painters being all over the place making it impossible), watered the lawn after mowing. Then read the latest IKEA Live Magazine and almost fell asleep on the outside bench. It is now 7.40 PM and outside temperature is +27.5 C. Sundown today is at 9.32 PM. I don’t sit out at nights as I don’t want to be prey to the mosquitos who unfortunately love me too much.

I love this warm and sunny weather.  More of this please.

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One last look before the scaffolding goes up


One last photo before the scaffolding goes up tomorrow. The house is being painted on all red wooden parts. Much needed as you can see from the below picture.


Tomorrow around 10 AM they come and put the scaffolding up. Then we will have to live with that for approximately two weeks. How fast they do the job depends on the weather conditions. Nothing I am looking forward to, but it is needed to keep the house in good condition.

Everything on my outside place is now either under cover or moved out to under the mirabelletree on the corner. The tree opened its flowers today by the way.

mirabelles_2 mirabelles_1

By tomorrow the flowers will be fully opened. And the background for pictures will be scaffolding up all the red walls… I am glad though that they start with my house so you don’t have to have the workers there in the middle of the summer when all the greenery is at its peak and you just want to be outside when the weather is warm and sunny. Just hoping they will be careful and won’t trample all the flowerbeds in the process…

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Trendy Things That are Everywhere

I recently wrote about trendy things I dislike. There are also more of those trendy things that every interior design blog and magazine about interior design show and write about. Some of them I am a bit ambivalent about. Like these ones below.

vas_dagg, vase_dagg

This is the vase “Dagg”. You can get it at Svenskt Tenn for SEK 2.800… First of all I would never pay that much for a vase. Secondly, I don’t even think it is beautiful… It is just trendy, just now.


Then there is the above carpet. The Beni Ourain carpet.  Long-haired wool carpets. Particularly this pattern and style is seen everywhere. I do not really like it. Longhaired. Looks like those untidy off-white shepherd carpets you saw a lot of in the 70-ties. Some of these carpets are very folkloristic in style. I should like them, right? I don’t though. Particularly not when you see them just everywhere.


There is also the brass trend. I like brass candle holders. I don’t like large flower pots in brass. And then there are all the other brass things that keep popping up. In the end it jsut becomes too much. Granted, I myself have a group of brass candle holders, which I love. I would like to add more brass candle holders to that. I have a brass lamp in the living room window, and I have three small brass buckets hanging in one of the kitchen windows, but I wouldn’t want to add more other brass things.

Finally there is Kubus by Lassen.

bylassen kubus_bylassen

I am really ambivalent here. I both like and don’t like. I like the clean lines. I like the white models. I don’t like the brass models… I like the variations. I like the bowls more than I like the candle holders. I even entered a competition to win one of these… Hmm.

The problem is when certain items are seen just everywhere. Particularly when it is design items that are really expensive to acquire. I have no problem seeing Ikea things just everywhere, that is expected. But these… and the ones I dislike which I mentioned in another post.

All images are borrowed from the internet, something I normally don’t do. I try having my own images. In this case I don’t own the items so have no choice.

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From Russia with Love…


11 babushka dolls that all go inside each other. Wooden. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

From Russia with Love… or what I brought home from the trip to the Soviet Union that J. and I did in 1985. Gorbachov was the new leader then and the Soviet union was getting somewhat friendlier. That did not mean we were not supervised and checked during our trip through the the Soviet Union. The supervising was at times felt. Our tour leader almost got thrown into jail because he was drunk after a dinner we had and said stupid things. In russian… They had at the time a no tolerance law against public drunkenness.


Russian souvenirs. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

We were doing the Transiberian Railway trip. Flew from Stockholm to Moscow. Were in Moscow a couple of days. It was summer. Moscow was – to my surprise – beautiful. And my more interesting than I hade expected. Yes, we were at the Red Square. No, we did not visit the mausoleum of Lenin. Moscow and surrounding (when being transported around with the tour bus) was the only place were you could buy some souvenirs. That has probably changed a lot since.


Souvenir from Tashkent. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Then we went onto the Transiberian Railway from Moscow to Irkutsk where we went off the train for a busride to the Bajkal Lake. From Irkutsk we continued by plane to Tashkent. Interesting town. And big. We walked and walked and walked on those straight wide streets they built after an earth quake that destroyed a lot of the town. I remember that we got the above embroidered thing in a theater we visited to watch local folk dances. From Tashkent we flew via Alma Ata (just transit) on to Samarkand.


Samarkand 1985. Photo: ©nini.tjader

Samarkand was fantastic. Really interesting. We had three days there. That was during the time when the Russians were leaving Afghanistan. They passed through Samarkand in their way out.


Russian souvenir. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

When we came to Samarkand there were vegetable salads at the hotel for the first time during the entire trip. We all ate salads. We all got stomach problems just about the time we were to fly back to Moscow (on the most rackety plane I’ve ever been… everything was loose on it…). That is, all but me. I didn’t get it until back in Moscow. And very mildly too. J. wasn’t all that affected either. In fact, we were the only ones standing on our legs the next day. Tours were cancelled and we had the day to ourselves. So we went on the underground inte central Moscow all by ourselves. Now and then there was need for a WC. And yes, I’ve visited the ones in the wall around the Red Square… Very clean.

After we came home, we were home for about five days. Made laundry, got well and then went off again to the former Yugoslavia and to Ulçinj in Montenegro. We felt we needed some sun and warmths that summer too. That was the year of visits to countries that no longer exist in the names they had then. Much has happened since.


Russian souvenirs. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I love the things the Soviets did and sold as souvenirs. They are all handmade. Above two painted colored and lacquered wooden boxes for small things, two silver chains, one with a hand painted flower decoration on glass, one with a flower-patterned charm that you can open and put a picture inside, one pill-box with glass mosaic in the lid and a wooden brosch, hand-painted.

If you are interested in our trip with the Transiberian Railway, there are photos on my old website here. Mind though that the site is undergoing re-build and that I will be exchanging the photos for bigger versions when I do. It was done for much smaller screens and really out-dated techniques so the images are very small. Some of the navigation also doesn’t work as supposed to.

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Made by women

These are made by women. In these cases women in Greece. I admire their handicraft.


Handicraft by women in Greece. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Upper left is a bag that when I bought it was filled with handpicked oregano. I bought it because of the oregano. It comes from the island of Karpathos in Greece and the village of Olympos, which has a long tradition of matriarch rule. (More about Olympos at Karpathos here).

The upper righthand one is also from somewhere in Greece, I don’t remember where.

The two bottom ones comes from a monastery and are made by nuns who sell them to tourists for their income. They are extremely well made.

Neither of them are my style really. I am not one of those who put little cloths under everything in my home. But I admire the handicraft and sometimes cannot resist buying things like these when abroad. I really have nowhere to put them. They don’t fit in my home. So they are kept in a cupboard with the bigger table cloths that I also never use…

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Seeing structures and patterns


Broken glass att Tumba C. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2013

I often see things that others don’t take notice of. Like details in things, structures and patterns. Can be the most common things, but when you look close enough… there it is. Sometimes you need to be nearsighted to see the beauty of things.

pattern, wood

Wood-pattern on a russian box. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Pleated. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Pleated surface of an IKEA-box. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014


Soft basket-weave. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014


Detail of carpet. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Odd way of looking at things? Maybe. Start observing the details and you might be surprised of how much beauty there are. I sometimes wish I had a camera that could go even closer.

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ipad, apple

Image borrowed from

For some time now I’ve been trying to reason with myself to find out if I REALLY NEED an iPad… Thing is, I have all those ebooks, mainly free from Dagens Nyheter as a bonus as a subscriber with activated digital subscription. Plus some other ebooks.

I am tempted. And reading a book on an iPad would feel OK – though I don’t want to read magazines/newspapers on screen but then prefer paper.

ebooks, ibooks, digital books

My present ebooks

When will I read these books without an iPad (the one top left I’ve created myself testing certain software)? I DO have a portable, a MacBook Pro, and nowadays the application iBooks also works on a computer, and not only on an iPad or iPhone. But to carry around the entire MBP to be able to read the digital books on the bus or the commuter train: I don’t think so.

Could of course read them on the iPhone… or? I’ve tried. Painful. The screen is way too small.

Or should I read them on my 24″ iMac? I don’t much fancy sitting in front of the iMac to read a book (just as I don’t fancy sitting in front of the iMac watching movies).

ios warning

Warning when opening an ebook on a computer with regular OS and not iOS.

And the books are normally not designed for the computer, but only for iOS-objects. They DO work anyways though, but the navigation becomes more complicated, as the computer doesn’t have a touch screen.

ebook, coverpages

ebook bookpages

Book pages example

If you change the size of the window for the book, the content of the book reflows, and so does the number of rows shown. The smaller the screen, the less content at each page. Some also argue that the layout and the typography of ebooks suffer from the media and that they do not get as visually attractive as a printed book. The techniques for creating them is still in its infancy… But that will change over time.

There are some added bonuses to an ebook compared to a book printed on paper. There can be several levels of information on one single page by links to additional information that is not shown unless you click on the link. Navigation is also more advanced than for a printed book where you just turn pages by hand.



Ebooks can also include animations, video and sound, just click on a link.

ebook, yellow submarine

Screenshot from Yellow Submarine

Why an iPad and not some other pad? Because I am all Macintosh and have been since 1984. I have three Macs and two iPhones (the older one serving as alarm clock only). So why haven’t I bought an iPad yet? Of the same reason: I have three Macs and two iPhones… Do I REALLY NEED an iPad?

What makes me hesitate is that it costs a lot of money (that I don’t have). I also wouldn’t settle for the cheapest one without 3G and and only 16GB storage. I also wouldn’t settle for the iPad2 which is cheaper. The screen of the iPad2 is not as good as the retina screen on iPad Air. IF I buy, it has to be an iPad Air with reasonably much storage and with 3G (so I can connect from almost anywhere). They are SO nice. I’ve seen and touched them.

It costs to be on top…

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In my bookcases

In my bookcases – I have several – all kinds of things land in addition to the books.

bookcase, printer

The small Canon photoprinter landed on this shelf some time in June last year. Got it with my latest camera, a Canon G15. Only had to pay for the papers. I still dont know if it is any good as I haven’t got around to testing it yet.

The small loadspeaker that sits there I got for free last time I upgraded my iPhone from 3GS to 4S, And that is about two years ago now. Haven’t tested that either…

Apparently I shouldn’t put stuff in the bookcase that aren’t books or decorations as I tend to forget about them. On the other hand I was pretty busy with the housing-cooperative until December 31st 2013 when I resigned from the board, and didn’t really have the time for new things (except the camera, and the Tivo-box…).

bookcase, books, iron

Another thing that always lands in the bookcase is the iron. It is there before, during and between ironing sessions. There seems to always be something that needs ironing – and I really hate ironing and postpone it as long as I can – so often enough no point to put the iron away.

coppervase, fake crocus, books, bookcase

And some decorations also land there… ;). This copper vase bought long ago in East Jerusalem for instance. With fake crocus in it.

You might spy some of my books too in these pictures. I’ll write about those another time. And no, I do NOT sort them according to color. I sort the books alphabetically according to last name of the author How else would I find a book I look for?

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A walk in the woods

Took a walk in the woods yesterday to get som much needed light and fresh air. Went around the dams as many times before. Below are some impressions from the walk. Click image for a larger version.

[Originally this page had as lider that I was experimenting with. I have removed that and made a regular gallery instead].



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A New Leaf


My monstera has got a new leaf.

It is fascinating how fast these leafs grow and open.

All new they are a bit delicate, so no touching.


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Glasses …


Remember this kind of glasses? People (and the opticians) say they are coming back again. The “pilot”-glasses. I hade the above ones in 1975 (and probably before and after that too). They had green rims. Slightly brown glass. This is how I looked then, with these glasses.

glasses, Nini

Nini Tjäder, August 1975 in Tel Aviv.

Started thinking of new glasses the other day when I took a selfie picture of myself with my present glasses. And remembered I had the old glasses stored somewhere (not sure why I kept them all these years…). Took them out this morning to have a look at them.

Quite a number of old glasses… A fortune in old glasses…

Looking at them side by side, the variation in models isn’t all that big… The biggest ones are the oldest. The green ones above is second  to the right in the top row.


These below are smaller, but some of them look ridiculous on me today. Variation in models is small…


I’ll save about five pairs of them that still look reasonably OK on me, and I can still see something wearing them, even if not all that OK.

I asked one of the opticians in Tumba C today if they re-cycle/re-use old glasses. They say they do. They send them off to South America for reuse! So I’ll bring the worst=oldest ones next time when I go down to Tumba C. They are not broken. I am just unable to wear them.

What am I using today? The ones below.

nini, nini tjäder, nini tjader, glasses

Nini Tjäder, January, 2014

I want something a bit smaller, a bit rounder. Unfortunately glasses are too expensive. I’ll wait a bit and see if I can afford it.

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