Blast from the past

How could this look once have been modern and popular? I get depressed every time I see this sofa-group with armchair.

Well, it was popular. Very. As was the color of the walls.

As a blast from the past you only have to enter our housing cooperatives’ premises. Here they are, the sofas, the armchair, the coffee table and that dreadful wallcolor.

We have now decided to get rid of those furniture and repaint the premises and buy new furniture.

The walls will be gray.
The conference table and chairs will stay as will the lamps.
The sofa and 2 armchairs, will come from IKEA, probably an Ektorp with exchangeable covers that can be washed. Cannot be white unfortunately as these premises can be rented by anyone in our housing cooperative for a symbolic sum for parties and meetings. Covers have to be dirt resistant. Unfortunately IKEA recently changed the choice of colors for covers and the one we more or less had decided on is not available any more.

A lighter, both to weight and color, coffee table, will also be bought.

We cannot get new furniture until we have painted and until we have gotten rid of the present furniture.

The Salvation Army will come looking if they want them for free on May 3rd. If they don’t, they go to the garbage dump on May 5-6 when we have our spring-cleaning day for the housing cooperative. Cannot wait to get rid of them.

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The Salvation Army didn’t want the furniture. It is all gone now. The sofas, the chair and the table and even the orange color on the walls. We have bought new furniture and the walls are in the process of being painted (light grey). It will look so much fresher.

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