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The Golive mascot. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I’ve been visible on the internet for a very long time. I had an email-adress before the internet was born. Before the Internet, when I was a teenager, I had pen-pals around the world. The internet and the social networks is much more convenient. And faster…

It was around the time of GoLive CyberStudio 3 (a webediting and coding application) that I first started to become really visible on the internet. At the time it was email and mailinglists. It was before forums existed. When the forums came, some started to communicate via forums. I never really did. I have never liked forums. Still don’t. Too chatty. Too much trouble to keep track of via the forums themselves.

I was only in mailinglists about certain softwares. They were communities for dialogs. I like to discuss, ask and answer questions. The mailinglists were for learning and communicating. I needed them for my work (giving application support and teaching people how to use their softare was my job). Some of those lists that I was in then are still alive. We are all getting older with the lists, together. Some of them, like the GoLive mailinglist, is a true community even today. That list is no longer about GoLive but about general web development and techniques, but most of us have a background with GoLive, from pre-Adobe time. List has gone much quieter nowadays, but it is still there. Some of us from then also communicate via FaceBook. Or Twitter.

I’ve been on FaceBook since August 18th 2007. I have 190 FB friends + 24 followers. I have a pretty open FB user. Never was much for secrecy. I love FaceBook because it has put me in contact with friends and family and old co-workers which I hadn’t been in contact with for a long time and some who I had lost contact with for various reasons. I only accept FB friendship from people I have met in person or had some other interaction with via mailinglists or worked with. As a beta-tester of various software for many years there is quite a few of those connections among my FB-friends.

I really dislike Twitter. But I have a Twitter account (@ninitj). The only things I tweet to Twitter are what automatically is published via FaceBook, or those #blogg100 posts presently. I follow 38 and have 12 followers. I am really not active there. I am only there because I have to, to get certain information which I don’t get any other way.

Pinterest is more fun. Have been there since the time when you had to be invited to Pinterest to be let in ( It was pretty new then and unknown in Sweden. I only follow certain people and certain boards there. Mostly the boards I follow are about design and interior decoration and similar. I love looking at beautiful things. I follow 92 persons there and have 127 followers.

I am also at Béhance ( Béhance is a professional network for imaging and photography. It is a paid service so I am a bit conscious of what I publish there as my subscription of it is not paid by me but was given to me for free, but not forever. If one day I won’t get it for free any more, I have no idea what happens to the pictures I’ve uploaded there. I will never afford to pay for that service. But it is fun if you like pictures and sharing and commenting on one another’s pictures. The more active you are there, the more followers you get, and the more comments about your work too. I follow 24 and have 27 followers there. If I upload more images, activity will increase. I do not trust cloud-based services much though.

I am a fairly new user of Instagram ( It is quite fun actually and I enjoy being there. I’ve got 23 followers and follow 17 there. Have only been there since December 31st 2013. There you have to learn how to tag your pictures to get likes and response. I’m still learning. But I’m getting there.

Almost forgot that I also have a Google+ account.  I never really open that. I see the subjects added in my circles on Google+ via my Gmail-account. I do not really use my Google+ account but feel that I need to have it for certain information.

There is much talk lately about people who have problems with other users on the internet. Verbal attacks etc. I’ve only once had trouble with somebody via the internet, but that is already long ago (I made a joke about the Clinton incident when it was fresh – not popular in the US with certain people). I guess I’ve been lucky so far.

I don’t chat and I don’t have an account on LinkedIn. Neither has ever interested me. One doesn’t have to use every service that is out there…

I also have my own domain and website. As it happened my domain and my website went live on September 11th, 2001, a date nobody will forget.

I wouldn’t want to be without the internet. The benefits of communications via social networks on the internet is huge. But you need to meet people in real life too. And talk face to face.


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