Bedside storage

bedroom, storage, shelves

I have a problem with bedside storage as my bedroom isn’t big enough for everything I need to keep there. For instance somewhere to keep bedside books and a glass of water…

To the right of the bed in the picture there are three wardrobes. With doors that need to be possible to opened. There were no sliding doors for that size of wardrobes at the time when I bought them (one of the doors is a full-size floor-to-ceiling mirror). There are sliding doors now for this size of wardrobes… but I am not going to change them. Too expensive. To the left there is one corner bookcase and two more bookcases.

I know you are not supposed to have that much stuff in the bedroom, but I have no choice. The flat is small and I have too many books… unfortunately need the storage. So the above is how it looked until a couple of days ago.

When I moved into this flat I had a 180 cm wide double bed. Soon realized I needed to downsize as it was a real struggle each time the bed had to be made up (like, daily…). I still miss my 180 cm bed though… I love big beds.

Switched to a 120 cm wide bed – after first considering 140 cm but abandoning that as it didn’t give enough extra space. So that is what I now have. But I still had problems finding a good solution for where to keep the bedside books and the glass of water.

The shorter white picture-list was not a good solution. Too narrow. And I didn’t want things to fall down on me in the bed… (I move a lot when sleeping).

I’ve had though for quite some time two boxes meant to be placed on the wall as shelves. But I had mislaid their holders during a period when I used them in the kitchen, not attached to the wall… Looked all over for those holders now that I needed them. Finally found them last week. All my screws and other holders got sorted in the process of looking for those holders.

Now the boxes are up on the wall above the bed and the picture-list is taken down.

This is the result. Much better as they don’t need any floor-space. The boxes were bought from Ellos who still sell them. Newspaper-shelves they call them. They have them in white or black. SEK149 a piece. Can be placed any direction you want. No backside.bedroom, storage, shelves

bedroom, storage, shelves

The one to the right is supposed to hold the water-bottle and glass. The basket to the right holds the bed-spread during the night so I don’t have to put it on the floor.

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