And it keeps on snowing…

snow, skäcklinge äng, winter

White Xmas? Yes. But much too much snow too early.

The snowing doesn’t seem to ever stop…

We get more and more and more snow. All the plowing of the roads and shoveling snow away from the roofs will get very expensive for our housing cooperative. Some of the snow we won’t get rid of until spring when it melts by itself. Like outside my kitchen window (the one with the light in the window, behind the heap of snow) for example.

snow, winter

Where did my bushes go? Do I still have bushes when the snow goes away?

That heap of snow came from the shoveling of the roof. Under it I have (had?) two very small bushes. In the corner there is (was?) a larger bush. Do I still have those by spring? Remains to be seen.

So far the largest heaps of snow somehow have missed the berry-bushes this side of the tree. It just envelopes them, which is actually good for protection. I miss two of them though behind the tree. They are under there somewhere. Just like my flowerbeds.

The roof shovelers and the plowers will be back on duty tomorrow morning to continue. It has to be done. We don’t want our roofs to get damaged.

Today it rained, tomorrow it will be sun and temperatures above 0°C  (so they say – I’ll believe that when I see it), and then it will be cold again and whatever melted will freeze and stick to roofs and roads.

There is also a problem with what to do with all the snow and where to put it. We are running out of places where to put it.

snow, winter

Snow shoveling of the roofs of the carports in action.

Whoever thought that the winter of 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 were snowy… that was nothing compared to this winter. It was colder then though.

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