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TBT Nationalmuseum November 2011

TBT (Throw  Back Thursday) of a visit to the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm on November 5th 2011. I was there with friend Monica (who now lives in Umeå and is going through a very tough cancer treatment which so far has lasted a year – fingers crossed that it will go well in the end) to watch the most fantastic exhibition of Russian artists. We watched more than the Russian artists though. We actually went through most of the departments at Nationalmuseum including Swedish art and contemporary design items.

For some to me unknown reason I never got around to publish the pictures I took then.
So here we go. Note that images get cropped by the slider.

All photos are ©nini.tjader

Subway art at Alby station

Alby subway wall decoration

Alby subway wall decoration

The subway in Stockholm (Sweden) is a really long art exhibition.

Every station has its’ own look and feel. Its’ own kind of art.

Now and then I pass the subway station at Alby (on the red line of the Stockholm subway).
The station is like a huge green cave. With cave-paintings on the walls.
Last time I passed I managed to take a picture of one of the decorations with my iPhone.
I plan to take more pictures on other parts of these walls the next time.
I love these decorations at the Alby station.

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