9/11 already 11 years ago

For my US friends 9/11 is an entirely other story than for me – even though I DO remember that particular day also for what happened to the World Trade Center in NY. We watched that on the TV in the office and got absolutely no work done that day.

But there are also other things connected to that date.

Today it is 11 years since my website was born. That it became September 11th was a coincidence. That is the date it first went live. I had ordered and paid the domain just a couple of days before and uploaded the site the day before.

I really need to rebuild my site and modernize it. Problem is to find the time for it. Waiting for the winter for all outside jobs to stop interfering (I love outside jobs and tend to prioritize those to doing website rebuilding). I really HAVE to rebuild the entire site and get rid of the table-based layout, build a new menu-system, new look and feel, and change the small images to larger images. When the site initially was built, bandwidth was poor for most people and browser speed was a laugh in how slow it was. Small images was a must to provide a reasonable fast loading of pages. So not today. Needs new thinking.

But I will NOT build a mobile-ready site. No way. At least not now.

Tedy Knitel

Tedy, Tel Aviv, summer 1991.

Today it is also 11 years since Tedy died of a heart attack. Wonder who he would have been if he would have been around today.

I will always miss him. He was the love of my life.

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