Year: 2012

My outside place

Part of my patio seen from outside.

My outside place is not huge. It consists of a patio on the ground, with direct access to the outside and a flowerbed outside and around it, some space that I share with my neighbor, and some space behind my patio. I fill those areas as much as possible with flowers and plants. I enjoy having this place after 17 years in a flat on the 2nd floor with a balcony that only had sun in the mornings. Before that I actually had a real garden for seven years. It is my third summer here. It gets better each year. Takes time to learn what can grow here and what cannot.

Want so see more of my outside place? There are more pictures on FaceBook.

The entrance to my patio from the outside.

black currants

Black currants. Not quite ready yet. But soon. Share those with my neighbor.

Herbs and greens at the space behind my patio.

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The big, red house in the woods

red house

When doing the usual round along the path around the dams, this big red house appears when you for a while get out of the woods.

It is a fascinating house. It was for sale for SEK 29.500.000 this spring. Have no idea if it got sold in the end or not. It has recently been totally renovated. As isolated as it is situated in the woods with its own grounds surrounding it, but still quite close to the commuter trains and centers, it would be ideal for either a resthome or convention center. It is 1500 square-meters in size and has meetingrooms and sauna on the ground floor. Higher up in the building are rooms tht are about 15-25 square-meters in size with shower and pentry. It was built 1899-1900 by Alfa Laval, then named Separator.

In the beginning it was used for the care of tuberculosis patients who were employed at Alfa Laval. It has later been used as a home for treatment of drug addicts, and also as offices. It has had several different names over the years and been sold several times. It has now been totally renovated. I have no idea if they got it sold after the renovation.

Anyways, it is is a fascinating house in a fascinating style.

red house

Photos ©nini 2012-03-15

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Why not try a book?

epub, digital books, books

Saw the above image on FaceBook (or was it Google+ ?) the other day and borrowed it.

I totally agree.

I really dislike reading books onscreen. I might be a computer nerd, but there is the limit.

I know that is what you are supposed to do nowadays.

I don’t have an iPad. I have an iPhone 4S. And three Macs. And a 40″ HDTV which I can connect to my MacBook Pro (and it is also online).

Reading on a screen is tiresome. Books – and other longer texts – I prefer reading on paper.

I also tried spoken books a couple of times. Don’t like those either. I lose track of where I am, it is hard to recapture, and I also too easily lose concentration and therewith the content of the book.

I know that digital publishing/epubs is supposed to be THE method of publishing nowadays. I refuse epubs so far.  I am glad I don’t have to deal with their creation (as I am retired).

I believe in books and their survival. No matter what a lot of other people say.

I also believe in newspapers on paper and magazines, non-digital. I think those will survive as well. I surely hope they will.

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The fence is finally ready!

bullerstaket, noise protection fence

The noise protection fence is finally ready. My outside place is under that balcony to the right.
People cannot look into the garden any more. Doubtful how much it will protect from trafic noise, but to me that is not the main benefit of the fence. Now you can even go out and have breakfast undisturbed and not overlooked (when the weather permits). Or coffee. Or eat. Or meet with friends. Or whatever you feel like.
No more risk that somebody gets the ide to enter behind the fence by my bedroom window (which was possible before).
And en entirely new possibility for an enlarged outside place behind the fence.
It is a warm corner there behind the fence by my bedroom window. Towards the west and more sun than you might believe.
A  box for cultivation (120×80 cm and 20 cm high) and soil bought.
Seeds too.
Just waiting for the weather to turn more dry and warm. Then…

bullerstaket, noise protection fence

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I have a thing for various decorative shapes. I tend to place them in small groups. The square in the background is a very old candle holder from Ikea. Can hold regular candles or tea-lights. If you turn it upside-down you can place flowers in it.

The black and the white mini-statues are both from Greece. Pretending to be replicas of some real statues or ritual objects. The black one is heavy iron. The white one is marble.

glass ball round

This glass ball is like the universe if you look into it long enough. Bought that in Malta in 1996. About the only beautiful thing I found in Malta actually. I have two other glass balls/glass things from Malta that are nice too (not pictured here). Glass balls like these have fascinated me since I was a child.

round balls

The black round thing is ceramics from Greece that looks like a stone. The white candle holder for tea-lights at the back I bought in a store in Stockholm that is no more. The blue ball is from Malta (see above). The small terracotta ball is in fact a salt or pepper holder if you turn it around. Bought that in Greece long ago.

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The wait is over


The wait is over.

The fence is coming. And soon done.

This will be good.

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Playing around with Adobe Photoshop CS6


Have been playing around a bit with Adobe Photoshop CS6.

The best with Photoshop CS6 is the new Camera Raw 7.x. Can fix images which previously were quite hopeless. Love it.

Others might say that it is the new Oil Paint filter. Personally, I don’t get it with that filter. Using it on an image just makes it look very artificial. Or I just don’t understand the point of that filter. Or how to use it. Somebody please explain to me what is so great about it?  I wouldn’t paint like this… (Photo is my own). On the other hand I do not do oil paintings. If I paint, I do aquarelles.

Generally I love Photoshop CS6 though.

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Waiting for the fence

The renewal and building of the fence along the road came to a standstill for a while for technical reasons (they couldn’t agree on how to fasten that additional bit of plank that will make the fence more protective against noise from the road). Friday they begun building again, but they are still at the other end from me. Will still take some time (a week or two?) until they come to my part of the fence where they will prolong it with a new part.

When done, I have plans for this spot at the this side of the high fence at my outside place. More plants….

I really long for them to prolong that fence. Below is my bedroom-window as seen from the street. Yes, it is that close.

Meanwhile I am just waiting for them to come build that part of the fence. Soon now…

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Blast from the past

How could this look once have been modern and popular? I get depressed every time I see this sofa-group with armchair.

Well, it was popular. Very. As was the color of the walls.

As a blast from the past you only have to enter our housing cooperatives’ premises. Here they are, the sofas, the armchair, the coffee table and that dreadful wallcolor.

We have now decided to get rid of those furniture and repaint the premises and buy new furniture.

The walls will be gray.
The conference table and chairs will stay as will the lamps.
The sofa and 2 armchairs, will come from IKEA, probably an Ektorp with exchangeable covers that can be washed. Cannot be white unfortunately as these premises can be rented by anyone in our housing cooperative for a symbolic sum for parties and meetings. Covers have to be dirt resistant. Unfortunately IKEA recently changed the choice of colors for covers and the one we more or less had decided on is not available any more.

A lighter, both to weight and color, coffee table, will also be bought.

We cannot get new furniture until we have painted and until we have gotten rid of the present furniture.

The Salvation Army will come looking if they want them for free on May 3rd. If they don’t, they go to the garbage dump on May 5-6 when we have our spring-cleaning day for the housing cooperative. Cannot wait to get rid of them.

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Tulips in snow

And the first tulips appeared.

Just a few days later the snow fell again.

They have survived though and there is more of them this year than last. This is an early variant that is quite low. The rest of the tulips are just waiting for better weather until they show themselves. Presently you only see their green leaves.

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A place for the trays

In my kitchen I had this narrow board to the right of my drawers.

Last winter I damaged the board because one of the drawers (full with knives) got stuck and it took some brute force to unstick the drawer to get it out. I then thought, let’s make a space for the trays there and use the damaged board for it.

I didn’t get around to actually doing it until this winter though.

So I removed the board by first taking out all the drawers so I could get to the screws inside that cupboard that held that board.

Then saw that the wall inside was not painted. Used white ceiling paint to paint the wall. Then adjusted the length of the board to the depth of the cupboard and sawed off the piece that was too long and made it the length needed to support the board toward the floor.

I then glued that to the bottom of the board as a support for it when put into place.

Turned out to be a bad idea.

The width of the space to the wall was too narrow at the back to put the board in with its support glued to it and the doorframe (to the kitchen) was also in the way. So I simply put in the support all by itself on the floor inside, put some glue on the edge that was to support the board, and forced the board into place.

Very solid. That board will not move in there.

And this is the result with the trays in place. I like it.

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Best invention ever

One of the best inventions ever for us commuters here in the Stockholm-area is the sign at many bus-stations (those where a certain number of travelers qualifies the station to get this system) announcing when the bus is due. So you know how many minutes you still have to wait.

Highly reduces stress.

Except when it tells you the bus is leaving NOW – and it has not yet arrived…

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The fence will at last grow longer

This is the view outside my bedroom window.
That is how it looks when the blinds are down but open and the bus passes by.
The bus stop in one direction is on the other side of the road. (The other one in the other direction is up to the right from my window, quite close).
Below you can see how it looks without the bus and the blinds up.
That is how close the sidewalk is.
That close people pass by. Just behind the thorny bushes (which will be removed when they build the continuation of the fence).
You always have to consider how you are dressed when in proximity of the bedroomwindow.
This week the big fence-job was supposed to begin. For some reason it got delayed and will now begin on Monday. That’s what they say now. I hope it will not get further delays.
Brushwood and thorny bushes along the road will be removed.
The fence will be made tighter (more wood to be added) and get a slip on top and get tightened with some stone boards at the bottom. All along the road along our community.
For the others it is primarily a solution to get a more quiet environment. Noise protection.
For me and my next door neighbor it is also about getting less overlooked by passers by. Or risking they get into our part of the garden.
The fence is getting prolonged from outside my bedroom window and the approximate 10 meters they forgot to build the fence when it was originally done.
Wonder how they thought when they only built it up to the end of my outside place and stopped just where my bedroom window is. Did they run out of material?
I really look forward to the fence getting prolonged. I just hope they will not step into my flowerbeds and destroy those in the process.

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The round tree

tree spring

There is this round tree down by the school which I pass when going up to the dams for a walk or down to Tumba C for shopping or taking the bus to get away from Tumba. Actually, there are three of them, but this one above is the nicest. Its form is interesting. Almost round. Haven’t seen anybody cutting it into shape. This was on March 15th, 2012, and you can see in the background that the snow isn’t all gone yet, but almost. And the tree is waking up. It looks more compact every time I pass by, the branches are swelling and the leafbuds growing.

Below is how it looks in the summer.

tree summer

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Waiting for sun and warmth

So, I bought it.

A second black chair. Can you guess which is the one from 2006, and which one is new? I can personally only see it from the IKEA sticker on the new one. Otherwise they are identical. VÄSMAN is the name of the chair. It is very comfortable to sit in. Rain and snow falls through it. Cats avoid it…

And a new table for outside use. Fake-tree that doesn’t need any maintenance (except usual cleaning). FALSTER from IKEA.

Haven’t taken the wintercover off the old table yet, but I know which state it was in before I covered it up in the autumn. Almost falling apart. Needing a new layer of paint. Might use it for putting flowers on. Or thrown it away.

Now I am only waiting for the sun and the warmth. Sun and warmth have made short visits lately, but weather isn’t really good enough to sit outside yet. Impatient. Want it to be summer already.

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