Month: February 2011

Returning items from the past

ikea_kakfat, cakeplate, tårtfat

Recently I’ve noticed some items from the past suddenly returning. Just as suddenly everybody wants those kinds of items and they are everywhere. An example is the cakeplate above. Another one is the coockie-plate in sections (below right).

The most odd item is the glasscover which you put over just any decorative item on a sideboard or table. You see those (see left) in every home decoration magazine lately.

Inside it you can see plants or other things. Even the once-upon-a-time crocheted piece of cloth under it is a returnee.

Have to get a cake-plate (the first item above – that particular one is from IKEA), but the others….? No, thanks.

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Cats, dogs and small children

Gustav the cat


Cats, dogs and small children usually like me.

This is Gustav, one of my neighbors cats (she has two, the other one is called Alice – haven’t so far managed to take a picture of her). He sometimes comes to visit me if I leave the door to the outside open. Plants himself in one of my chairs and don’t want to leave. Twice now I’ve had to carry him back to his own home. I used to have a cat (Josefina) but I do not intend to get a cat of my own again. Costs money (food, vets, cat litter, insurance) and it is a huge responsibility. Living just beside a busy road makes it even less tempting as the cat would most certainly sneak out as soon as the door opened. Cats are nice though and I sometimes miss having a cat.

When I meet dogs they usually behave as if I am their best friend. I don’t want a dog though. We had a dog, a dachshund, when I was in my teens. He was nice but he was always my fathers dog. I am not a dog person even if dogs seem to think I ought to be just that.

Small children usually like me and trust me. I am not all that interested in children though and have no patience with them really (particularly when they are howling at the top of their lungs in public transportation or shops). I said already at the age of 14 that I never want to have children. And I never really did want it later either. Or had the time for it. My “luck” in this was that I lived for about 15 years with somebody who also did not want children. I have never regretted not having children. Some do and live to multiply themselves and don’t feel fulfilled if they don’t manage to do just that. For some it’s a great sorrow. Not for me. I never really wanted children.

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