Month: June 2005

Nobody is immortal…

Tedy 1979

Do you get less sad to learn that somebody dear to you died, even if it happened almost four years ago? The answer is no, absolutely not. You get just as sad, when you learn about it almost four years after it happened.

I got the following mail tonight from Tedy’s younger brother Alex:

“Hi Nini,

By chance we found your site and read about Tedy. We are very impressed about the details we have found about the relationship between Tedy and you.

Tedy 1972

We are very sorry to inform you that on 11th September 2001, Tedy passed away because of a heart break. It was suddenly and unexpected. He died at his home alone, without any emergency first aid. We all were shocked and cannot believe this disaster still now.

It’s so symbolic date, a great architect was died when the twins towers were destroyed in the US ….

If you want to contact with us our address is: (deleted for this page) yours, Alex.”

Tedy 1972

Tedy 1972

I was stunned, and shocked, and went all cold and numb. And so sad. It doesn’t matter that it is now almost four years ago. I didn’t know till now. How would I have known hadn’t his brother found my site and my page about Tedy? For a very long time I intended to write to Tedy. I wanted to know if life got any kinder to him, if he ever got happy and content with life? But I never got around to writing for some reason. So we never got a chance to talk again. Or to meet again.

The way he died does not surprise me though, knowing how passionate he could be about things, any things. It kind of fits.

I will of course answer Alex, but first this has to sink in. It is hard to imagine an Israel and a Tel Aviv where Tedy no longer is. He was an important person in my life. I would like to believe that I was too in his. I think I was.

Me and Tedy 1972

Oh Tedy. I miss you so, and I weep for you. I always loved you.

Page about Tedy here.

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