I’ve got a job!

The above is the paper where I will be working

I’ve got a job! Finally, after 105 job applications and a total of two interviews, I’ve now got a halftime job for about five (5) months. I start on January 3rd and am on the job including the first week of June. The half-time is scheduled as such that you work 2 weeks full-time, is off 2 weeks, work 2 weeks full-time and so on. On the “off” time I will continue to work on and off for my former employer but they will no longer have access to me at any time during this period but only on my “off” weeks.

The new job is at one of the largest Swedish daily’s, at their internal Helpdesk. I will give Mac-support. Got it via contacts, not regular job-ads, and because of my knowledge of InDesign and other graphical applications among other things (they have recently gone over to InDesign for the production of the paper and will be ready with the whole conversion some time during spring 2005).

Contacts is probably the only way to get a job for people in my age-group. It is not a steady job and it is not full-time, but at least it is something for a period. I look forward to it.

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