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Postcard from my hotel, Hotel Sunny Hill in Alanya.

Alanya, 1995

I went to Turkey in 1995 for the first time to get some change from Greece. I stayed in hotel Sunny Hill in Alanya, a brand new hotel that later became a 4 star hotel. It was so new that the air-conditioning had not arrived yet – and it is hot in Turkey in the summer. There were two swimmingpools and one for the children, a beautiful view from both the pool area and from the balcony to my room. There was a snack-bar at the side of the pool and a large restaurant (with not the best food in the world...). The hotel is situated some distance up on the mountain on the road to the fortress. About 3 times a week there was entertainment around the pool, with dancing and music and fashion show of furs and leather-clothing. The beach was just downhill, very close. If you wanted a sunchair at the poolside you had to "book" it before breakfast or the German tourists took them all...