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Red sky over Skiathos

Red sky over Skiathos.

On my way back to the hotel, I noticed the odd sky even more. Then there started to be lightnings on the sky (not on picture). First without thunder. Then, the closer I got to the hotel, I also heard the thunder. I walked quickly. When I was almost at the hotel, the first big, wet drops fell. I hurried even more. I made it to the reception of the hotel before tha sky oipened and the rain came seriously. I stayed in the reception, talking to the ladies there for almost an hour before I could make it up the outside stairs to the top of the hotel and my room without getting wet.

This was actually the second real thunderstorm during the time I was at Skiathos.

The first was a week before, and that was a really spectacular thunderstorm with lightnings that illuminated the sea and the bay almost as if it was daytime. And real thunder. It then also rained heavily for more than an hour. That time I made it home to my room just before it started and I watched it all from my balcony overlooking the bay and the sea. When that was over, some idot (!) lit up a conventional firework in town – which seemed really small and funny after the fireworks that nature gave us just before that.