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Greece, Naxos 1999 • Maps and general info

Naxos, one of the Cycladic islands in Greece

See photos from Naxos (including a few from Delos and Mykonos)

Naxos – the red dot on the map – is one of the Cycladic islands.

Naxos, the largest and most fertile of the Cycladic islands, lies almost at the centre of the Aegean.

The island has both high mountains, fertile fields, and beautiful, sandy beaches.

The island is first heard of in the myths and then mentioned throughout every period of history, though it was at the peak of its glory during the period of the Cycladic civilization.

Naxos town, or Hora, stands on a naturally amphitheatrical site on a hillside on the north-west side of the island and is one of the most attractive towns in the Cyclades. You can walk from the harbour high up to the Venetian castle, and you will be struck by the beauty of the narrow winding lanes and the old stone houses lining them.

Interesting monuments from various periods are to be found all over the town. They include fine Byzantine churches, the castle itself (with its tower and battlements), and traces of Mycenean buildings in the spot known as Grota. The Archaeological Museum of Naxos has some notable exhibits.

It is a really nice town, and the long and sandy beach just behind town is really good (though a bit crowded at high season).

Places of interest

Given that traces of Greek antiquity are to be seen everywhere, each part of the island has something of interest. Near the coastal village of Apolonas, for instance - on the north side of the island - is a half-finished outsized 'kouros' (statue of a youth), dating from the 6th century BC, still lying in the marble quarry where it was abandoned. Another such statue can be seen at Melanes. An interesting archaeological museum is to be found at Apirathos, a village where a number of strange customs and habits have survived.


There are good swimming beaches at Agios Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, Kastraki, Alikos, Pirgaki, Agiassos (on the west side), Apolonas, Psili Amos, Panormos, Pahia Amos and elsewhere.

To get there

You can get to Naxos either by boat from anywhere around Greece, or by domestic flights. There is a very small airport on the island for domestic flights only.

Map of the Cyclades

The Cyclades, Greece

Map of Naxos, Greece

Map of Naxos, Greece
You cannot reach Naxos by a charterflight from Europe. From Sweden for instance you fly to Santorini, wait a few hours and then continue by boat for about 3.5 hours (length of trip depending on the weather and the winds and the waves – these are rough waters most of the time). Both ways.... This is not a funny trip to make after or before travelling the whole way from Europe the same day. If it wasn't for that, I would go there again, because the island is very nice.
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